A brief introduction.

Lets do a list…everyone likes a list.


is a “closet geek”.

has lived half his life (hopefully).

has a smoking hot wife.

loves minimalist design.

likes to kayak.

likes to hike.

thinks Seinfield is the greatest sitcom ever.

has the greatest daughter in the world.


grew up playing Atari.

and Sega.

and Playstation.

had a job as a janitor.

had a job as a carpenter.

had a job as a factory worker.

had a job as a land surveyor.

has had lots of jobs.

loves grunge rock…yeah I wish I grew up in Seattle.

prays every morning and night.


loves typography.

loves design.

loves anything art.

has done graffiti.

has Moo, the world’s largest mini golden doodle.

has spent way too much money on “learning” art.

loves teaching design.

was born, raised, and still lives in Ohio.

would be happy with just Doritos and Mt. Dew.

has ran out of  ideas for his list for now.


My Story.

I was born and raised in southern Ohio. I currently call Portsmouth, Ohio, home and honestly love the low key, “southern” hospitality of the region. I’m a proud graduate of Shawnee State University and SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design. I believe everyone should be able to brand themselves with professional quality design without the “big design firm” pricing. Most of my time is devoted to being an associate professor and father. I do try to keep involved with freelance work as much as possible to keep my sanity. The website is an ongoing work of adding and subtracting items I’m involved with. Most of my freelance involves branding identity systems for packaging, but it also includes logo design, business collateral, catalogs, brochures, posters, mailers, web design, and my new found addiction to digital illustration. I truly love all things design and it has given me a great pleasure creating items that bring excitement to me and hopefully gives my clients success in their endeavors.